Port to Port is a curatorial research initiative interested in the economic and political networks created by the trade and maritime industry and their effects on the built environment in global container port cities. Within these territories, neoliberal governing logics invite economic development and investment from multinationals and financial institutions, as almost all are built upon economic zones of deregulation and tax exemption. Though each city holds its own historical and political nuance, urban design and architectural manifestations, financed by global investors, appear to be replicated and standardized.

Port to Port invites practitioners working within these fields to develop discourse, criticism and investigative research and speculation on the future of global port cities through exhibitions, scholarship, and public lectures. The program will use existing economic, global networks to build social and institutional relationships from port to port. 

Advisory Committee
Heather Davis, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at Pennsylvania State University
Brian Holmes, Activist and Cultural Critic
Gean Moreno, Curator of Programs, ICA Miami
Paulo Tavares, Architect and Urbanist, and Research Fellow at Forensic Architecture
Stephanie Sherman, Co-Founder of Common Fields and PhD candidate at UC San Diego
Noah Simblist, Chair and Associate Professor of Art SMU | Meadows